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As a DJ, my passion is what sets me apart from others. I spend at least a few hours every day studying the art of DJing. This includes researching charts, reading books, listening to podcasts, researching gear, engaging in online chats and much more. I approach each event as if it is my own, and I love working with my clients in a creative manner.

One more thing that sets me apart from others is my attention to detail. I ensure that I have the neatest setup by hiding wires, and I always carry backup gear with me to guarantee that the party never has to stop.

When it comes to the actual DJing aspect, that is where I truly excel. I am not a push-button DJ. I keep the music flowing seamlessly, using scratching, mixing, mashups, turntable tricks, and live remixing as just some of the tools in my repertoire. Sharing music in any situation is what I do, and I would be thrilled to share it with you at your event.

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